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Dual Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometers

We are Salem Tool Company, the proud manufacturer the US Army Corp of Engineer's Dual Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer. 

Our products are manufactured and assembled completely in the USA.

Our Dual Mass DCP is the most durable, built to last unit that is sold anywhere. All joints are threaded and welded, then machined and polished smooth for a strong assembly. Not screwed and glued like our competitors. We use a 4 1/2" blank to machine our Slide Hammers. This makes the hammer larger in diameter enabling us to machine finger grooves making it easier to grip when preforming your test.

At Salem Tool Company we feel going the extra mile is worth the effort. That is why our tools live up to our motto:

"Gem of the Trade....the Best Tools Made"

We manufacture two models of the Dual Mass DCP.

One is our exclusive design. The Threaded Connect Model. This model most strictly adheres to ASTM D6951/D6951M – 09. The standard states in Section 6 paragraph 6.1, "All joints must be securely tightened including the coupler assembly and the replaceable point tip (or the adapter for the disposable cone tip) to drive rod." 

Our Upper Slide Hammer Assembly and Drive Rod join using a 3/4" – 10 TPI heat treated male and female thread to achieve the tight solid connection required by the standard.

Our other DCP is the Quick Connect Model. This model joins together using a slip fit and clevis pin. Some customers prefer this model for its ease of assembly.

We also have available Replacement DCP Parts including Disposable DCP Cone Tips and Cone Tip Adapters, as well as Drive Rods for both styles, the Threaded Connect and Quick Connect.

We do our best to ship your order the same day from our large inventory.

Order Online or call Dual Mass DCP a division of Salem Tool Company at 1-248-468-9000.
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Our motto, "Gem of the Trade ... the Best Tools Made", is no idle claim.

"Dual Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer and Replacement Parts to fit Your Engineering Needs "